Gleamfire Launches Innovative Car Washing System on Indiegogo

Bleck Design Group’s client Gleamfire, a Boston-based startup company, recently announced the launch of its innovative car washing system on Indiegogo

This innovative car washing system delivers a high-performance car wash using a minimal amount of water.  It is better for both the environment and your car. The Gleamfire product uses water jets to keep your wash mitt clean, eliminates abrasive particles that can scratch your car’s finish, and uses less than 1 ½ gallons of water to wash your vehicle.  It can be used to wash a car inside a garage and without a hose.

Bleck Design Group transformed the Gleamfire concept into a fully-functional feasibility prototype for the Indiegogo campaign; once campaign targets have been met we will complete the final design and help Gleamfire LLC manage production.  If you are interested in contributing please visit the Indiegogo campaign.  You can also learn more about this paradigm shift in personal car cleaning at

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